In collaboration with


are proud to give you a sneak peek at their exciting upcoming project in the Auckland Domestic terminal

The Gipsy Moth is a friendly and approachable food and beverage establishment. It is relaxed, has a sense of humour and is undeniably kiwi.

Work starting late August 2018


Offering a flexible environment for an early morning buffet breakfast, all the way through to cosy and intimate drink while waiting for a delayed flight to depart; or a loved one to arrive,

Fitout Collaborative look forward to sharing with you exciting pics of this premium café/bar throughout the project build in August 2018



The entrance area is engineered to be as easy as
possible to find oneself inside the Gipsy Moth.
Seamless flooring and loose furniture make
navigating this area simple and allows for flexibility.
The real definition of the space happens deeper
into the plan

Coffee Grab & Go

Creating a defined demarkation for the signature
operational elements, here the ‘egg station’ is
flanked by the cold and ambient cabinets, all
dressed with layers of product, the area is designed
to look fresh and fast.


Perch bar seating

Utilising bold and robust materials, the front perch
area is a place for the solo traveller to wait feeling a
degree of protection. Subtle drinking cues define
this area from the more cafe engineer space by
way of high seating and warmer tones


The rear of the venue is a space within a space. Separated off subtly by screening & planting, this is a great dwell space for those traveller with a little more time. Use of hangar style screen engineering consolidates some of the design narrative while allowing for flexibility wishing the space.


Casual Dining

One of the central elemental features, this bring into the scheme a sense of fun with bold use of colour and planting. Split level seating - high one side and low the other, this device allows us to bust up the space with confidence.


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