Corporate responsibility and sustainability statement



Corporate responsibility and sustainability (CR&S) is inherent in every aspect of The Collaborative Group operations. We strive to go beyond our statutory obligations to be a good neighbour, care for our stakeholders and minimise our impact on the environment.

The Collaborative Group Directors have ultimate responsibility for implementing the CR&S policy across the company with support from every team member.

The Collaborative Group is committed to promoting sustainability in all areas of our business by:

  • Recycling office and project waste materials where practicable and cost-effective
  • Minimising business-related travel and promoting the use of public transport and shared travel/commuting wherever practicable and cost-effective
  • Supporting the communities in which we operate through charitable donations and environmental education. Our community engagement and donation policy focuses on the communities around our offices and national or international programmes as elected by our staff.
  • Using local suppliers for site operations wherever feasible.
  • Utilising responsible waste companies for recycling and disposal of all site waste.

The directors will at least annually

  • Review this policy to ensure it is effective
  • Review responsibilities and procedures for CR&S management
  • Set clear CR&S objectives and targets, monitor and measure performance and communicate the results
  • Ensure adequate resources are made available to implement the policy.


Signed on behalf of the directors