The Collaborative Group offer a huge range of options to suit our individual clients needs:



  • Pre-design consultations - with our highly experienced team, we can highlight tenancy and buildability issues, extra unforeseen costs which may occur with selected properties whilst ensuring the design and build result and end cost is exactly what our clients want and expect.

  • Design and build - from concept drawings to full construction and consents.

  • Kit of parts - for multiple store rollouts we can value engineer a full fitout ‘kit of parts’ to ensure consistent pricing and consistent brand guidelines across all your stores in New Zealand.

  • We can and do work with a selection of the largest design and architecture houses in New Zealand as well as offering our own ‘in-house’ design service.



Our highly experienced Contract and QS team will work through all aspects of your proposed build, working with you to consider all design options and pinpoint potential risks to ensure your project once we begin construction is completed with realistic timelines, budgets and design capapbilities.

Onesite Plans.JPG

Process Management:

Our process is led by an exceptional team of people who are passionate about the fitout industry but also want to change an inefficient, unnecessarily expensive process to clients and their customers alike

The Collaborative Group embrace technology:

  • Live-time cameras are used on site.

  • Health and Safety Apps which tracks all movement on our projects and ensures we are ahead of the game for Inductions, health and safety of all our contractors and clients.

  • Cutting edge US Process Management software which offers cutting edge reporting on all types of mobile devices ensuring total communication for the benefit of us, our clients and subcontractors

With all this combined we can create incredible efficiencies along all aspects of the projects path whether that be pricing, project managing, reporting, cost and value engineering, pre-contract value engineering, etc.

By being market leaders in innovation and thinking outside the box
we can do what others can’t, we can be uniquely different.